Saint-Florent is a town in Haute-Corse department of Corsica. Originally a fishing port located in the gulf of the same name, nowadays pleasure boats have largely taken the place of fishing vessels.

In its architecture, the layout and colors of old town and the port, Saint-Florent creates a sense of dejavu as sometimes you feel like in Saint-Tropez. True, this town is more down to earth. It is a popular summer vacation spot for many tourists because of its proximity to the Patrimonio vineyards and the Saleccia beach.


Saint-Florent was created by the Genoese in the 16th century as a base to carry out repressive operations against the Corsican patriots in the surrounding villages. France later used it to disembark hordes of mercenaries and colonists during August 1764 in order to subject the independent Corsican people. After the defeat at Ponte Novu Bridge, the army of Pasquale Paoli, sometimes called “the Father of Corsica”, helped by the fleet of Horatio Nelson, reconquered Saint-Florent in 1794 during the brief Anglo-Corsican rule.

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